WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO...and get 15 % off doing it!

Ever wonder where the term Roman Shade came from?

Evidently in the heyday of the Roman Coliseum, the crowds would sit through a day-long program of events in the open air. The sun got pretty hot up in the stands (And if you've ever been to Rome you know how hot it can get!) so long awnings were constructed that opened into the arena and offered some sun protection. The awnings were held out on poles that extended into the stands. When they were not in use the shades pleated back on themselves, much like our modern Roman shades. The difference was that the original Roman shades hung horizontally out from the wall. Today's Roman shades hang vertically in front of the window.
Roman shades, regardless of their place in history, still offer excellent sun protection, privacy and unlimited design options. Roman shades can provide the finishing touch in rooms from casual to traditional to cutting edge contemporary.

If you have never tried roman shades they make a handsome addition to any room. They are versatile and come in a variety of elegant styles. You can use them for insulating your windows instead of mini blinds, pleated shades, or verticals. Roman shades can be light filtering or they can be used for darkening a room by using a blackout liner. It really depends on what you want your window treatment to do. Generally you can fit custom roman shades into any décor style beautifully!

There are a variety of styles for your roman shades. The most popular include:
Plain: plain styles are great for rooms where you want the window treatment to fit in with the rest of the décor by not emphasizing the window. These have horizontal pleats that fall in a uniformed pattern every six inches. They usually come lined and you can choose the type of liner you need.
Flat: the flat folded style of this roman shade will be a great way to showcase a variety of fabric patterns whether they are large or small.
European: this is true European style with a versatile shade that has a relaxed feel to it. The sides of the shade curve up so that when it is drawn it creates a casual and soft ambience to your room with beautiful random folds.
Soft Fold: many people like the soft fold style because it gently cascades down the shade. It gives a gentle fold every six inches and makes a more uniformed look.

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