Ask A Design Question, Hardwood vs. Carpet, Which Is It?

Dear Toni, You have visited our home a couple times and I am just getting ready to put down wood flooring. Love the wood. My question is, I have a drop down living room and stairs as you enter. I think I want to keep carpet on the stairs (safety and to keep costs down), but I am trying to decide whether to do wood in the living room or carpet that as well.


Anne Reed

Dear Anne,I remember your beautiful home very well, and am so glad you asked this question! You are right about carpet on the stairs to keep the cost down. And yes, I would definitely do Hardwood floors in the living and dining room. Here's why, by using one unified floor (Hardwood) throughout, the space will appear larger and more gracious. This adds a sense of grander proportion to your small entry (because from the entry all the spaces can be seen) that adjoins all the rooms. Hardwood always adds a warm richness to any room and will increase the value of your home. Hardwood is classic, durable, elegant, and comfortable. Keep in mind the color of the wood should complement the wall color and the furnishings.
So Hardwood it is!