Does The TV Really Have To Go Over The Fireplace?

THE ?: Does the TV have to go over the fireplace?

Dear Toni, My husband and I have a large 13 x 24 ft. family room, he loves TV and I love to read by the fire. Presently we have the TV placed to the left of the fireplace and we fight for the space. We are shopping for a larger screen TV and my husband insists that it must be placed over the fireplace. I do not agree. My question is, does the new TV have to go over the fireplace? Is this the only place we can put it in this room?
Thanks for your advice, Ann

THE SOLUTION: Divide and Conquer!

Dear Ann, No, you don't have to put it over the fireplace! Here is a great solution to your problem. Typically, we like one focal point in a room. But that rule can be broken by having two, one less prominent than the other.
Since your room is a generous 13 x 24, you can easily create two cozy seating areas with specific purposes instead of one large space that does not allow for different activities.
As my floor plan above shows, the main focal point is the TV area. By placing the TV on a large console and by positioning the sofa in front of it with a side arm chair you have created a larger more prominent area. The secondary, less imposing area is the fireplace hearth/reading area. Place just two chairs and a bench to further separate the space. Both areas are anchored by the two area rugs in the same color. One smaller by the fireplace and one larger by the TV. Using furniture in the same color family and texture makes both areas relate to one another nicely.
This is a good start on designing a space plan that works for you both. And if your husband will wear wireless head phones while he watches TV you will be able to hear the crackling fire while you read! Good luck Ann! ~Toni

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