Ask A Design Question, What Color To Paint?

Dear Toni, we need a new paint color for our living room. We live in a Craftsman Home with walls which are two thirds wood paneling on the lower and one third off white on the upper. We'd like a warm color to complement the wood and update the look of the room. Any suggestions? Clueless in a Craftsman

Dear Clueless Craftsman, Orange is this year's hottest color. Whether your main wall color or simply an accent, it's always warm, vibrant, and cheerful. In this picture you can see that using orange on the upper third of the wall really helps to warm the room without overpowering it. They took the color one step further by using it on the sofas as well.
This room's orange is from Benjamin Moore's Paint, called Soft Pumpkin 2166-40. The warmth of orange will really give the wood in your Craftsman Home a new look.
Go for it,~Toni