Fabrics Go Green In Pure Style!

Remember back in the day when we all had cotton curtains? I remember in the 1960's, my mom washed them by hand in the bath tub, hung them on the clothes line to dry in the sun, brought them in, sprinkled them with a little water, ironed them and hung them back up! Now that was 'Eco-Friendly".

Today's beautiful fabrics come in many colors and qualities and now one of those qualities is Eco-Friendly!

I recently attended a "Fabric Trunk Show" given in San Francisco by Robert Allen Fabrics. They have introduced a new line of 'Eco-Friendly" fabrics for the home called 'Pure Style" Everything from alpaca, bamboo, mohair, hemp, wool, cork and of course our favorite, cotton. These extraordinary fabrics are all made of recycled, organic or sustainable fibers colored with low-impact dyes and finished in environmentally responsible treatment processes. Now that's saying a lot.

These exquisite fabrics are designed for making a conscious choice to reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing one bit of style.
To see and read more about these great fabrics just click on the link below, then click again on the "Pure Style" thumbnail!

Is it time to refresh your draperies or curtains? If so call me for a window treatment appointment. I'll bring to you the very latest in "Eco-Friendly" fabric books for you to see and feel right in the comfort of your own home! Call 925.862.9064 or email me at berrys@gloryworks.com

Beautiful 'Eco-Friendly" Fabrics from Robert Allen...